Pastor Reggie is a graduate of a two-year ministry-training program at Word of Power Bible School, Faith Family Outreach Church of Clearwater in Clearwater, Florida.  He also attended Pepperdine University in Los Angles

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Pastor Pauline also attended Word of Power Bible School and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the University of Florida, where she received a PhD in Psychology. 

Pastor Pauline is president of Building Strong Families, Inc. www.BuildingStrongFamiliesOfFlorida.com


·               We believe the Bible is the infallible, unchanging Word of God. (2 Tim 3:16,     

2 Peter 1:21, Luke 21:33)


·               We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he offers salvation, healing, deliverance and preservation to anyone who confesses Him as the Lord of their life. (Romans 10:8-10, John 20:31)


·               We believe in raising our hands to the Lord as an offering of love and worship to God.   (Psalms 63:4, Psalms 134:2)


·             We believe in laying our hands on the sick.  According to the Bible (Luke 4:40, Luke 13:13, Acts 8:17), we are instructed as believers to lay hands on the sick like Jesus did so that they would recover.


·            We believe in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that the Holy Spirit may choose to manifest Himself in many ways, through words of knowledge or prophecy, or through believers who speak in other tongues. (1Corin.12:1-12)


Pastors Reggie and Pauline are licensed and ordained through Faith Family Outreach Church of Clearwater, where Pastors Steve and Sheri Nicholson serve as pastors. 


Faith Family Outreach Church of Clearwater Florida was established in Largo, Florida in October 1995.